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Definition: von Willebrand factor antigen

The von Willebrand factor antigen is a biomarker of endothelial dysfunction when measured at high levels, and may be suggestive of portal hypertension according to recent published reports.  Its sensitivity and specificity across all chronic liver disease patients has yet … Continue reading

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Lecture: graft vs host disease (GVHD)

Today’s lecture centered on graft versus host disease (GVHD).  This can occur after stem cell transplantation, when the donor T lymphocyte cannot recognize the host’s antigens (most commonly on skin, gut and liver, but other organs like lung sometimes involved). … Continue reading

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The Sunday Chronicles

Caution!  Under no circumstances should you allow these two dinosaurs into your holiday office party.

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Clinical Pearl

Vertical transmission of hepatitis B is a serious concern, but what about hepatitis C virus (HCV)?  The reported incidence is about 1-2%, so treatment during pregnancy is not indicated.  In fact, it is contraindicated, as ribavirin is teratogenic- category X.

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Journal Club: enoxaparin use in cirrhosis

This journal club dealt with enoxaparin for cirrhotic patients.  Anticoagulation for cirrhotic patients? Yes. The concept behind this trial was that there are microthromboses at the level of bowel wall perfusion that lead to subtle ischemic damage and subsequent increased permeability.  … Continue reading

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The Sunday Chronicles

Gastric ulcers, particularly the volcanic type, make you want to reach for the purple pill.  Easy on those NSAIDs, brother.

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Lecture: HCV treatment update

Therapy for HCV is in the midst of transition once again, almost as if triple therapy with peginterferon/ribavirin/telaprevir(boceprevir) is becoming obsolete.  We are now well into phase 2 studies with triple and quadruple all-oral therapy and seeing tremendous results; SVR rates … Continue reading

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