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The Sunday Chronicles

Just another rainy day…and another opportunity to call in sick with an inflamed liver. Advertisements

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Haiku: cirrhosis

Nodularity By a surgeon’s eye is key Cirrhosis looms large

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Question: A 60 year old female presents to your office with CT findings of a liver cyst with internal septations.  Infectious etiologies have already been ruled out.  She inquires about the possibility that this is cancerous.  You recall that some … Continue reading

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Lecture: coagulopathy of cirrhosis

  Today’s lecture focused on the coagulopathy of cirrhosis.  It is well known that the INR is not a reliable marker of bleeding tendency.  After all, it was created as a standardized test for measuring the effect of warfarin.  The … Continue reading

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The Sunday Chronicles

Is it true that US physicians prescribe 75% of the world’s narcotics?  Seventy-five percent?  To the few of us who take a hard line stance against wanton delivery of these pills: keep up your constipated ways!

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Terrorism, liver; brucellosis

Brucellosis can cause fever, hepatitis and hepatomegaly.  It is contracted via contact with secretions from infected animals

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Clinical Pearl

When ordering a CT or MRI to rule out hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) it is imperative that the scan be multiphasic! HCC has early arterial enhancement and late (venous phase, delayed phase) washout.  A single phase scan is not considered adequate … Continue reading

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