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Definition: endothelial dysfunction

Endothelial dysfunction of intra and extrahepatic vasculature occurs in the setting of portal hypertension, and expands our understanding of the hyperdynamic circulatory state.  In addition to vasodilation and constriction, long recognized as primary players in the disease, there is inflammation, … Continue reading

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The Sunday Chronicles

“You know, Phil, mouse models now suggest that transplantation of my stool into your intestine can help you loose weight.” “Just smile for the camera, will ya?”

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After liver transplantation there is an extensive degree of endothelial dysfunction in the transplanted allograft.  This is due in part to cold ischemic time as well as ischemia-reperfusion injury.  The extensive network of injured endothelium attracts platelets and is a … Continue reading

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Pathology: Caroli syndrome

  Caroli syndrome occurs in the presence of polycystic kidney disease; it includes a polycystic liver, biliary sacculations and congenital hepatic fibrosis.  The biliary pathology may promote bile stasis, recurrent cholangitis, secondary sclerosing cholangitis and neoplasia.  The sacculations are contiguous … Continue reading

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Clinical Pearl

When treating hereditary hemochromatosis with serial phlebotomy, aim for a ferritin of 50 and then stop treating.  Although the majority of these patients will eventually require ongoing phlebotomy, a fortunate few will remain free of iron overload permanently.

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Definition: bile canaliculus

The bile canaliculus is a small-caliber duct that receives freshly conjugated bile from the hepatocyte and feeds into the network of larger, collecting bile ducts.  The viscosity and pH of bile is regulated in part at this level.

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The Sunday ChroniclesNASH

(AP)- In the third annual Summer RAID (Runners Against Insulin Desensitization) 5K, over 6 tons of cumulative steatosis was shed, surpassing the previous record of 5.1 tons in 2011.  Congratulations runners!

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