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Clinical Pearl

Boceprevir is a new protease inhibitor used to treat HCV, genotype 1.  If a non-cirrhotic, treatment-naive patient (after a 4-week lead-in phase with Peginterferon + Ribavirin) is able to clear virus by treatment week #8, that patient can stop all therapy … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Ferritin predicts fibrosis stage in NASH

This journal club reviewed a recent Hepatology article on the predictive value of serum ferritin on the stage of fibrosis in NASH. Data was colleted from a large registry that excluded other forms of liver disease.  This is important, because … Continue reading

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The Sunday Chronicles

On Friday evenings, surgical Don Juan Derrick Stevens puts the most in anastamosis.

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HCV Protease Inhibitors

Question: A 33 year old male with HCV, genotype 1, stage II fibrosis has just completed twelve weeks of telaprevir, peg-interferon and ribavirin. His viral load was detected at < 43 IU/mL at week #4, and undetectable at week 8 … Continue reading

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Radiology: Right sided colitis

Liver transplant recipients are, like anybody, susceptable to colitis. In the CT scan above, notice the thickened colonic walls (aarows) involving the right and transverse colon.  CMV colitis should be in your differential diagnosis, particularly if the patient is early … Continue reading

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Clinical Pearl

What’s that liver lesion on CT?  If the patient is cirrhotic, it’s unlikely to be metastatic cancer.  The rule of thumb is that cancer does not metastasize to a cirrhotic liver.

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Definition: lipopolysaccharide

Lipopolysaccharide (LPS), a component of the cell wall of gram-negative bacteria, is found in increased portal and systemic concentrations in several liver diseases including alcoholic liver disease, hepatopulmonary syndrome and NASH.  New data even suggest its role in the development of obesity and … Continue reading

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