Monthly Conference Calendar: JANUARY 2012

All Lectures and Journal Clubs will be held at 2:30 PM in the East campus pathology conference room; they will follow the weekly 1:30 hepatopathology conference.

Monday, Jan. 2: No conference

Monday, Jan. 9: Attending Lecture Series- Amy Evenson, MD

Topic: The liver transplantation anastamoses: Challenges, special considerations, complications. 

Monday, Jan. 16: No conference (MLK Day)

Monday, Jan. 23: Fellow ‘Controversies in Hepatology’ Lecture Series- Saurabh Sethi, MD.

Topic: Management of gastric varices

Monday, Jan. 30: Hepatology Journal Club.  The two presentations will center on NASH, one basic science article and one clinical article (from recent issues of Journal of Hepatology and Hepatology, respectively).  Please see links to each article here:

Ferritin and advanced fibrosis in NASH

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