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Monthly Conference Calendar: NOVEMBER

All Hepatorenal Conferences will be held at 4 PM in the Farr 8 conference room. All Lectures and Journal Clubs will be held at 2:30 PM in the East campus pathology conference room; they will follow the weekly 1:30 hepatopathology … Continue reading

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The Sunday Chronicles

I love my liver. That’s why I drink six cups of coffee every morning. Heck, I’m on my fifth right here. Oh, my hair? Relax, it’s not messed up because of all this coffee, it’s bed head. Is bead-head hyphenated? … Continue reading

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Pathology: Mallory-Denk body

The Mallory-Denk body is a pink, “rope-like” inclusion in the cytoplasm of hepatocytes. It represents an aggregation of filaments of the cell’s cytoskeleton. It is synonymous with the term “hyaline” when discussing the histology of alcoholic liver disease. In the … Continue reading

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Acetaminophen, ibuprofen…who should get what?

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Clinical Pearl

Some of the prominent histologic features of alcoholic liver disease include: steatosis, Mallory bodies, perivenular fibrosis, ballooning degeneration and a neutrophilic infiltrate (neutrophils are attracted to lipid peroxidative damage). Out of these, the neutrophils should be first to disappear with … Continue reading

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A faculty without its troubles is always in a bad way- the water should be stirred.  Some ferment should be brewing; the young men should always be asking for improvements, to which the old men would object. – Osler   JAMA … Continue reading

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Haiku: Stellate cell

Mighty stellate cell Oh please do not awake her! You’ll be scarred for life

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