Monthly Conference Calendar: OCTOBER

All Hepatorenal Conferences will be held at 4 PM in the Farr 8 conference room.  All Lectures and Journal Clubs will be held at 2:30 PM in the East campus pathology conference room; they will follow the weekly 1:30 hepatopathology conference. 

Monday Oct. 3: Fellow Lecture Series- Suma Magge, MD Topic: Diarrhea in the liver transplant recipient

Thursday Oct. 6: Hepatorenal conference (2 cases)

Monday Oct. 10: Columbus Day

Monday Oct 17: Attending Lecture series- Raza Malik, MD
Topic: Alcoholic hepatitis

Monday Oct 24: Hepatology Morbidity and Mortality Conference.  Topic: HCV Protease Inhibitors Adverse Events- The Early BIDMC Liver Center Experience

Thursday Oct 27: Resnick Lecture- Michael Lucey, MD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Topic: Alcoholic liver disease. Location: Grand Rounds, Sherman Auditorium, 8 AM.  (*Note: from 9-12 this day, there will be a research meeting with 3 fellow/faculty presentations, 15 minutes each).

Monday Oct. 31: Journal Club. 

1. Hepascore in NAFLD

2. Rapamycin and HCV post-transplant

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