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Clinical Pearl

The hyperbilirubinemia of congestive hepatopathy (heart failure) is in an indirect, or unconjugated form; elevations are typically mild and are often associated with mild elevations in aminotransferases. Advertisements

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Monthly Conference Calendar: OCTOBER

All Hepatorenal Conferences will be held at 4 PM in the Farr 8 conference room.  All Lectures and Journal Clubs will be held at 2:30 PM in the East campus pathology conference room; they will follow the weekly 1:30 hepatopathology … Continue reading

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Definition: high fructose corn syrup

High fructose corn syrup accounts for nearly 10% of US dietary intake, and is converted into long chain fatty acids via the intermediary Fructose-1-phosphate.  In the liver, these increased free fatty acids lead to hepatocyte insulin resistance, de novo lipogenesis … Continue reading

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Question: A 61 year old female is one month out from a liver transplant for HCV cirrhosis.  She has many complaints, including: fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, numbness of abdominal wall, hematuria and headache.  Which of these is most likely attributable … Continue reading

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My ICU patient has rising bilirubin…What should I consider?

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Clinical Pearl

Hepatitis B surface Ag (-), surface Ab (-) and core Ab (+)?  It can be one of three things: a false positive cAb, a false negative sAb or, most likely, waning immunity to HBV.  In this last scenario, the amount … Continue reading

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The Sunday Chronicles

When the twins were on-call together, you never really knew which treatment you would get, and this led to considerable confusion on the Ward.

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